Gestalt Therapy Approach to Depressive Experiences


  • Gianni Francesetti
  • Jan Roubal



Gestalt therapy, depression, grief, psychopathology, self-functions


Mourning and depressive experience are distinguished to highlight the core of the suffering of people in depression. In the mourning experience a specific person or situation becomes unreachable and therein lies the loss suffered. The experience of melancholic depression differs: what is lost is that which anchors the subject to the fabric which connects him/her to the world. A radically relational approach to depression where the client and therapist are seen as depressing here and now in the therapy’s situation is introduced.


Gianni Francesetti

Gianni Francesetti, Dr., is a Psychiatrist, Gestalt therapist, Adjunct Professor of Phenomenological and Existential Approach, Dep. of Psychology, University of Torino (Italy), International Trainer and Supervisor. He is President of the IPsiG – International Institute for Gestalt Therapy and Psychopathology and of Poiesis – Gestalt Therapy Clinical Centre of Torino.

Jan Roubal

Jan Roubal, Dr., is an Associate Professor at Masaryk University in Brno, Czech Republic, where he also works in the Centre for Psychotherapy Research. He works as Psychotherapist and Psychiatrist. He founded the Training in Psychotherapy Integration and the training Gestalt Studia in the Czech Republic. He also works as a Psychotherapy Trainer and Supervisor internationally.




Francesetti, G., & Roubal, J. (2020). Gestalt Therapy Approach to Depressive Experiences. Psychotherapie-Wissenschaft, 10(2), 39–45.